Overdue Power Flush

We were called out to install a new boiler at a home in Leeds, when we arrived we assessed the situation & looked at what we could repair prior to complete new installation.
As it happens, there was a fairly simple explanation & a new boiler was not needed in this case, but it could well have been had we not got there sooner & extracted the sludge & grime.  
All that was needed was a power flush as you can see & the boiler was back to being it's old super efficient self. We got rid of the grime & flushed it down the drain as soon as possible, and recommended to the homeowner that we book in for the same time the following year as per best practices with all good boilers.  
This helps to keep the bills down, keep the boiler from complete breakdown, and generally takes care of the boiler prolonging it's life.  
Book in for your annual power flush today, call Taylor Gas Services (Leeds) Leeds for your free quotation.  



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